Where we are?


Our services

At Zontisa we organize our teams and our activity based on technical and functional knowledge, involving ourselves with the work philosophy and the level of demand of our clients.

We work in a rigorous way, carrying out the monitoring and control of our activities and assigning an account manager and a service manager that guarantee compliance with the established guidelines.

We establish different collaboration alternatives with our clients.


Software Factory

  • Requirement Engineering.
  • Custom Software Development.
  • Preparation of test environments.
  • Application Tests.
  • Application Support.
  • Project Management.

Professional Services

  • Developing.
  • Integration and migrations.
  • Data Warehouse.
  • Databases.
  • QA.
  • Selection and hiring of highly qualified talent.
  • Implementations and support.


  • Cost reduction.
  • Flexibility and effectiveness.
  • Resource Optimization.
  • Business knowledge.
  • International presence.

Our methodology


Outsourcing TIC

Recruitment, selection and hiring personnel management with extensive experience in ICT. Hiring for definite and indefinite time.

Discover the benefits of the BPO

  • You can concentrate exclusively on the business or core business to improve your processes and strategies, since it reduces the burden of administrative activities in your company.

  • A good outsourcing service includes legal advice to companies that hire it, so that contingencies of that kind are reduced, such as demands by employees, fines and surcharges for lack of payments, among others.

  • Being a service strictly indispensable for the activity but administered externally, it goes from a cost to an expense.
  • The costs for recruitment and selection of personnel are reduced considerably, unlike if the process is carried out internally.
  • Since the recruitment of personnel is carried out by a specialized company, it is possible to select better qualified profiles for the requirements of the required positions.
  • The beginning of the project happens more quickly since Zontisa has many more tools than an internal department.
  • Routine jobs in human resources, such as payrolls, are eliminated.