Who we are?

"If we can imagine it,we will be able to build it "

Manuel González

"We do not value people for what they know, but for what they can do."


Our Values


Honestity, sincerity and honesty is the basis of any relationship, be it professional, commercial, labor…


To dream and imagine technological advances that allow us to grow, not only as a company, but also to the people that make it up and our customers.


Be respectful with our environment, not developing solutions that may harm our planet or people.


To have fun with what we do, enjoying our work, with continuous learning and with an open mind.


Help the professionals who start, the dreamers who bet on their ideas and those who just want to have an opportunity to prove their worth and commitment.


P.P.C. First, the people who collaborate with us whether they are employees or clients. Second, the projects, the achievement of the objectives set in times and forms. And, finlly, customers, help them in their technological needs as a priority rather than a pure economic benefit by becoming their true technological partner.

Our Mission

What do
we do?

Our activity focuses on research, innovation and creation of exclusive and intelligent software or high technological value.

Our business activity

We create, design and provide architecture and transversal systems as tools for the optimization of automated processes.

What do we specialize in?

We are specializing in creating engineering platforms and solutions, which allow the integration of different systems and operational architectures in companies.

Our reason
for being

Invest in R + D + I research to achieve systems that are productive and that facilitate the applications of our customers are better, thus achieving automate processes and companies to be updated and more competitive.

Our Vision

At Zontisa we want to be a benchmark company in the sector due to our intelligent technology.

To whom do we do it?

For our own satisfaction of professionals who pursue their own dreams and to become the best partner.

Our aim

Be in the highest possible quotas, bringing the future closer to our customers.